Tihana Karlovic was born in 1985 in Rijeka.

Hold a master's degree in visual pedagogy (major in printmaking) from the Academy of Applied art in Rijeka and master's degree in theology. 2014. she ended postgraduate study Interdisciplinary printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts Eugeniusza Gepparta in Wroclaw.
She participated in several artist projects and exhibited in printmaking triennial and biennial, the same as solo shows at home and abroad. For her work, she received more awards and recognition. 
She expresses in traditional printmaking techniques, drawing, and artist books and objects. Her research is about creation as one of the fundamental human needs and characteristics. She explores light through the motives of nature.  
She is also engaged in education (in 2014.and 2015. she was a professor assistant at the Academy of applied art in Rijeka, printmaking department) and scientific research in the field of non-toxic and alternative graphic techniques. Since 2019. she has the status of an independent artist. Works in Rijeka.